Predicting who is gonna falter

My recent readings about data analysis, big data, prediction models etc. sparked a question in my head:

Can data analytics one day lead to a future that’s a lot like the movie Minority Report? Would it end in a similar way?


I’m not really talking about 100% accurate prediction, but coming close to it. Statistics depend on data and we are unaware of what data might be available to statisticians of the future!

It won’t be prediction based on just history, it would be a real time calculation going on to build theories and assigning probability of them coming true. And somewhere in future that system could be brought close to perfection.

How would you like to be arrested today for something you most likely will do tomorrow?

Would you like someone to be arrested/fined today for some crime they most likely will commit tomorrow?

Let’s forget ethics for a while. Do you think this is possible?

I have a feeling it is very much possible. And although making actual arrests based on predictions might be a grey zone for most people, monitoring shady characters suspected of committing a crime with a very high probability can become an acceptable thing of future.


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