Old Scribbles

Yesterday while cleaning my room, I stumbled upon my old little notebook. Should be around 18 months old now. Here are some of the pages I liked reading! 🙂

Keep calm and carry on, eh?


“I find sitting with people and talking about the same old shit so boring. And so I retreat back home. Which in turn ruins my chances of making new friends and having those different conversations that I wanna have! So, with the thought that I have to endure the boring to reach the interesting, I try again.”

On Self Interest:


I is a part of We. Thinking about We all the time & changing what I wants.. That looks like more happiness for You than We. Satisfy the I. Then jump to We.”

Here’s another:


“If you are not interested in the answer, Don’t ask the question. Because it’s disrespectful and a waste of time.”

Lastly, my favorite one. I was thinking about what to do after college. Everybody says do what you love. Do things that you really wanna do!


“I want to be the reason for something awesome existing in the world. That’s a dream right there. And there are a million ways to achieve it. Not just once, but many many times.”


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