What’s new with me and my internet presence

Came across this new course “Maps and the Geospatial Revolution” on coursera. Looks quite interesting! I stumbled upon it in in hopes of finding something relevant to the routing project I’m interested in, maybe a rich geospatial dataset. But the class itself looks quite good and it’s a short one too so I intend to finish this one.

Check out the Indian crowd enrolled for the course so far! It’s crazy! 🙂


I also (finally!) updated my github profile. Added some of my old codes. I realized the importance of this while I was searching for implementations of some of the papers I read. Most of them are non-existent, those that exist are not very well documented. It’s bad because people who hope to extend some work have to figure so much out on their own and in the process the actual work gets delayed. Also, having a public repo like git will make people take their code more seriously. You can’t get away with crazy patches and sub-standard versions if others might be looking at it! And there’s also a chance of connecting with more people interested in the same code. So yes, it might be a little more work, but the overall benefit makes it worth it.

Also updated my about.me page. I like to see everything at one place. It’s the same kind of pleasure as I get after organizing my bookshelf!


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