Getting out of that bed in the mornings

One of the most common troubles I know many people face is getting out of that cozy bed in the mornings. I’m no exception.

I’ve tried keeping my alarm far from bed so that I have to get up to shut it down. But I sleep right after. I’ve tried the Alarm Clock Plus Andriod app and I usually solve 4-5 hard level problems before I turn it off and sleep again. I’ve tried multiple alarms kept at multiple locations in my room but I believe we are equally smart half-asleep in the morning, trying to figure out our own tricks, if not smarter as we are while laying the plots at night.

So all these methods, which employ external force fail. And rightly so, I hate people who wake me up from my precious sleep. I hate to be told what to do and forced to do something against my will.

The key is to realize that it is me who wants to get up early. So I should be the one doing it. Without such crazy external forces.

The only thing that occasionally works for me now is Having a defined purpose assigned to my mornings and reminding myself about it as soon as I’m remotely back to my senses. 

As soon as that first alarm starts ringing (which is kept right next to my pillow), I have a mental discussion with my own self every morning, deciding the pros and cons of not getting up right now. I cling to my pillow and say why God why out loud while inside I remind myself exactly what I’ll lose if I delay getting up at this very moment.

I win this little war with myself on some days. On certain others I convince myself it wouldn’t be too bad to sleep some more. But the days I do get up, I feel really good! And the days I don’t there’s this feeling of failure, defeat by my own laziness and it isn’t very nice.

What great things can I hope to do in life if I can’t even get up and work for it?

What can I change in the world if I can’t change this single, small habit of mine?

So far this is the only way I’ve managed to get out of bed more quickly with a single alarm!


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