Importance of Distractions

Enough has been said on how to avoid wasting time and killing all the distractions. They aren’t all that bad. In fact, some days they are a necessity. A good distraction can come in very handy when you are facing BS from everywhere in your life.

Find that one thing that can lift you up after no matter what. Music, movies, books, sports, painting, poetry… anything. Try to make it independent of another human being in your life.

Because all the shitty things that can happen, will happen. And that one day will come when you’ll have to face it all alone. You gotta be prepared how to handle it.

For me its watching something, anything really. TV shows, movies, random youtube videos. It numbs me down into feeling nothing for a while. Its the perfect addictive distraction. Sure I get no work done for quite some time, but I survive the day on my own with no body’s help, and that’s enough.

Because in the end, it is about keeping your cool and surviving through it.


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