I love TV !

All the TV series I’ve seen so far (or currently watching). In no particular order.

01. House 

One of the best I’ve seen so far. I could re-watch the entire series once again if I had the time, pausing and replaying each and every dialogue that come’s out of Hugh Laurie’s mouth.


02. Game of Thrones

This is so addictive! All the power play, the grey shaded characters. There are enough story lines to keep you occupied even if a couple of them becomes dull at the moment. Choosing sides and stacking up characters neatly into ‘the good’ and ‘the bad’ just doesn’t work here.


03. Dexter

What started off as a peek into a serial killer’s mind exploring whether he’s an angel or a demon as he kills the scum of the earth has slowly developed into so much more. There are times when I can identify with Dexter and it worries me a bit. Although the later seasons are not as gripping as the earlier ones and the final season was just terrible, it’s still high on my all time favorites list.

Image Image

(I hated the way Debra’s character was treated in the end.)

04. Suits

It’s funny, charming, intelligent and I love the pace of the show. It makes me wanna wanna walk fast and get things done! Moreover, just about everyone on the show looks so damn good!


05. Modern Family

This show makes me laugh like crazy. I absolutely adore each and every character of the show (except lily). Always cracks me up. I love, love, love it!


06. Scrubs

This show is stupid, full of whole lotta junk that makes you laugh in spite of it. I liked being in J.D.’s head! One of my first shows, I remember how I used to love it then but I guess I won’t love it as much now.


07. Freaks and Geeks

This was one awesome show!! Really loved it and I really want to see more of it.  One season is far too less!  The most amazing and charming thing about the show is how real it can be!!


08. Firefly

And the concluding movie – Serenity. What a great concept! I’m not a sci-fi person when it comes to TV, but this was different. Great story, awesome & amicable characters and a whole lot of action! I wish the series continued and would have uncovered at it’s own pace.

firefly_mal firefly_river

09. Homeland

Gripping! I’m a fan of gray characters without clear black and white boundaries.


10. Sherlock

Who doesn’t love Sherlock? It’s insane how awesome it is! Very, very well made.


11. Coupling

Another Brit comedy.  Haven’t seen too many of them but whatever I’ve seen, I’ve loved! This one is all about love, sex and relationships. And, it’s not a girly show, oh no! Hilarious!


12. How I met your mother

The first TV series I ever saw! It used to be fun, before it became repetative and irritating.


13. 2 Broke Girls

I feel it’s the right amount of girly and that is a feat to achieve! The show is as much about working hard and sticking to your dreams as it’s about relationships, food, clothes and daily life nuisances.


14. The Big Bang Theory

Used to love it, not anymore. Sheldon gets on my nerves and rest of them are irritating for putting up with the snob. They also killed the Howard as we used to know along with the theme – geeks. It’s nothing more than a simple rom-com styled tv series on the lines of f.r.i.e.n.d.s. Only character I like to watch now is Rajesh.

rajesh sheldon

15. The House of Cards

This is one hell of a show! Fast paced and absorbing. These are no grey characters here, pure evil is more like it. With only 2 seasons out yet, it ranks high up on my favorites list and I can’t wait for season 3!



16. F.r.i.e.n.d.s.

There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who love the show and those who haven’t seen it! I belong to the former category.


17. 30 Rock

18. Community

19. Prison Break

20. The IT Crowd

21. Titus

22. Rome

23. Arrested Development

24. Breaking Bad

25. That 70’s Show

26. Lie to me

27. Castle

28. Seinfeld

29. Mad Men

30. Sex and the City

31. True Detective


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