Is it worth it?

What will happen by studying all this math, computer science? Why am I studying?

The world today is suffering from a million problems. Hunger, poverty, cruelty, discrimination, diseases..

How is my studying of computational science going to impact the world?

So what if we are able to produce machines that are capable of doing things that they weren’t able to do 6 months ago?

I sometimes feel like studying all this is indulging of a sort. I’m not contributing to the good of mankind, at best these things help distract the world. They don’t build it.

Why are we spending millions and millions of money on these companies which only seem to be developing games or adding more value to internet or our mobile phones when there are people who are dying? Dying when only a fraction of this money can save them..

Why don’t we make a better world and satisfy the basic needs for all the citizens of the world first?

I can understand what doctors do. Save lives.
Teachers shape the young minds, giving them medium to express themselves.
Giving them tools to face the future and find themselves.
Politicians try to provide leadership to the masses, someone to look upto.
Someone who is supposed to bring about justice and welfare.
Law enforcement helps in fighting injustice.
Cleaners clean. Get rid of our dump so that we don’t have to deal with it.

At their best, all these professions seem to be doing something good, contributing to the world.
What am I doing? What am I going to do to be valuable?

I can facilitate them. Provide them with new and innovative tools. With information.
With a deep and rigorous analysis.

And then there’s some hope that it will be worth it.

That the things I help in building can one day become useful in building the world. In fighting crimes, diseases. Enable people and societies to rise above discrimination. And someday this might just be the thing that saves us from poverty and hunger.


2 thoughts on “Is it worth it?

  1. Aha! So I’m not the only one questioning myself like this… Though I’m not so positive about the rest of the professions either 😛

    Nice to know you blog. Keep it going.

    1. I guess it’s weird if we don’t question ourselves!
      Thanks for visiting 🙂
      And yes I’m trying to keep it going though my past record hasn’t been that good!

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