Gardening 101 – How it all started

Mohit has always been a gardening enthusiast. He finds a neighbourhood attractive based on the number of trees that exist there, not the number of cafes. He finds a house beautiful based on the size of their garden and the variety of plants they grow, rather than the size of their bricked structure and the variety of cars they own. It is no wonder then, that soon as we shifted in our new house, he wanted to start gardening.

To get us started, I thought we could visit people who are avid gardeners. So I pinged this person I knew from volunteering together as she posted pretty pictures of her garden and pet butterflies. My timing couldn’t have been better, in a way, as it turned out she & her husband had quit their jobs, and were planning to travel throughout India for the next year. And so, they had asked everyone they knew to come & take plants from their garden. The day I got in touch with them, they were left with some 100 plants out of the mighty 5000 they once owned. Although I din’t get to see their epic garden, I did get to bring home a part of it! 🙂

Here’s a picture of us, from the day we signed the papers for our house and also, the day we got the first of our plants home. We got some 15 plants, 1 sack of home made organic manure and lots of seeds.


Our garden has grown since then & we are learning to become better gardeners. But our growth would have been much, much slower if we hadn’t met them the time we did. I’m so thankful!

Since then we have visited a few other gardeners. I’ve found all of them are generous, love to share their plants, seeds, tips & harvest. If you wish to start gardening, however small or big, do visit some gardeners around you. It’ll really get you started!

Happy gardening!


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