You lucky, lucky girl!

When I got married I had  zero experience in managing a home. I barely knew any cooking, and every time I tried, I broke something. I still have a long way to go, don’t know if I’ll ever get there. And I’m not even trying too hard. So that’s that.

Mohit on the other hand, knew his way around. He was used to paying the bills, general day to day home management and cooking just about enough to survive.

So when we got married, almost everyone including my mom felt I was super lucky. And that sort of pissed me off.

Well, don’t get me wrong! I *am* super lucky to be with him, but it’s NOT because he can do all these things. I was pissed because most people were surprised at me for not knowing these things. Never mind the fact that I had only been living in hostels before this.

And those very same people were equally, if not more surprised at the fact that he knew these things. Never mind the fact that he had been living alone for over an year in a rented apartment.

Well, that’s hypocrisy for you. If a guy does some “homely” work, he’s a gem. But if a girl doesn’t, she is obviously lacking and needs improvement.

Improve I did, however. Not because I am expected to. But because now, I want to. For one, it’s expensive to get everything done by other people or to eat out all the time. And second, I believe in being independent and self sufficient. And this last part I learnt from Mohit.


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